Learning to be Deaf Without Losing Your Hearing Book Cover by Kim Harrell and S.Lea.

Learning to Be Deaf
Without Losing Your Hearing

Kim Harrell & S.Lea

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Publisher: Fourth Journey Press

Pages: 180

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Part biography and part commentary, in the book you will find delightful and engaging stories that chronicle a deaf studies professor's journey from the hearing world into the Deaf world...

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Stories based on her experiences, from life on the farm to her triumph establishing a Deaf Studies Program, you will see her challenge the system in ways that make everyone in her wake, give things a second thought.

Forging her own path, she finds success by balancing both worlds. Embracing Deaf Culture, as well as Hearing culture, she bridges a gap that benefits both.

From profiles and lifestyles, to terminology and technology, we present hearing individuals, in particular American Sign Language students, with information about the Deaf Community of today.


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